Zombies and Superheroes! [3 comments]

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What happens when you combine zombies, superheroes, guns, blood, pretty girls and upbeat dance music?


The musical artist, Alex Day, is a good friend of mine – as is the guy who directed the music video, most of the zombies and the “female love interest”.

But I wouldn’t ever post anything just to promote friends; I legitimately think this video is super creative as well as expertly executed. The effects are cheesy, the costumes homemade – but that’s where the charm lies.

They took the overdone zombie cliché, combined it with the ever growing superhero trend, and with that, created a product that transcends them both to highlight the most important thing of all… friendship. D’aww.


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3 Replies

  1. That was friggin’ awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome video!!!! I loved the special effects gags, and the songs pretty catchy. D’aww indeed lol

  3. Pretty great. The unapologetic exploitation of cheese makes the cheese (and low budget) perfectly acceptable… even brilliant.

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