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Pixar’s “Brave” trailer released!

In the excitement of the Hunger Games trailer two days ago, I almost forgot how excited I am for THIS:

I can’t believe how incredible it looks — and how different it appears to be from other Pixar films! It’s the first one featuring a female lead protagonist, and so far, they seem to be doing it justice. The film is also the first to be co-directed by a woman (Brenda Chapman) so personally, I have high hopes for this film as a whole. I love the animation style as well; Merida’s hair looks fantastic.

The movie is set for a June 22nd release.


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Doctor Who Confidential gets the boot

Whovians, we received some bad news yesterday – due to “budget cuts”, they’re discontinuing the making of the popular companion show to everyone’s favorite timelord drama. This mean it’s time to say goodbye to Doctor Who: Confidential.

I have mixed feelings about this. I will admit, as an American fan of the series (and therefor needing to find alternate means of viewing episodes of DW [as watching them on television wasn't an option]) there were countless times I had my new episode of DW all ready to watch on my laptop, only to find out I’d accidentally downloaded the Confidential instead of the real thing. Drat!

But despite my own stupidity, Doctor Who: Confidential is a great show. How many of your other favorite TV shows let you come backstage as welcomingly as this, offering cast and crew interviews with every single episode? A show that reaches out to its fans episode after episode is truly a great thing, and I will definitely be sad to see it go after six great seasons.

I understand that the networks want to focus their attention more on the “prime time” shows rather than a spin-off series, but Doctor Who is such a popular show in itself that the decision is greeted by many long faces.

For more information, you can check out this article by the Guardian. Even better, if you’d like to send a complaint to the BBC, you can do so here. And last, to follow updates on the process, here is a twitter specifically for fans trying to save the show.


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New Nintendo Console news!

I’m sure Nintendo is aware that the 3DS only just launched last month, but news about their brand new console is already spreading across the internet like wildfire.

The console is essentially “Nintendo HD”, and there are rumors it will be announced at this summer’s E3 convention. As a Nintendo fangirl through and through, this excites me.

Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of games such as Legend of Zelda and the Super Mario series) confirmed that the console does in fact exist. I’d say he’s a pretty credible source, wouldn’t you?

Up until now the project had been nicknamed “Project Cafe”, though other names that have been kicked around include “Stream”, since it has the option of streaming images to the player on what will hopefully be a built-in touchscreen right on the controller.

That name is just an idea though, as it’s very similar to not only “Steam”, an already popular gaming distribution system, but Nintendo’s own “Wii”.

I can already see the looks on the kids faces when they ask for a new Stream for Christmas and their hard-of-hearing grandparents present them with a Wii they found half price at a garage sale – old school! Thanks a lot, Grandpa!

For more technical information about the new Nintendo console, check out this article here.



I have a reason to buy a 3DS!

A while ago I told the world I wouldn’t be purchasing a 3DS on day one. Simply put, the supporting software did nothing for me. But times change, and I now have a huge red X marked on June 19th. This X marks the day I will gladly waltz into Best Buy and purchase a 3DS.

Now, what on earth would make me purchase a 3DS?

YESSSSSS. It’s coming, baby!

Apparently, and I didn’t know this, Master Quest will be included in the 3DS remake.




House Elves are People Too.

Have you heard of the Harry Potter Alliance?

They’re essentially a non-profit organization created to help tackle some of the problems from Harry’s world that are happening for real here in our world. And the organization is currently taking on a new campaign to “bring down seven horcruxes” between now and the release of the second half of the last movie next summer.

The first horcrux the HPA is working on is called the “Starvation Wages Horcrux”. What they’re attempting to do is get enough signatures to convince Warner Brothers to switch all the Harry Potter trademark chocolate to Fair Trade chocolate. Just like in the books when Hermione found out the food at Hogwarts was made by House Elves, (basically unpaid indentured servants) we should be questioning where OUR food comes from. Especially food with Harry’s face on it.

It’s exciting because if this goes through, we’ll be helping make the world a better AND more delicious place to live. In the name of Harry Potter.

Okay, so fighting for good in the name of a boy wizard might seem a little hokey to some people, but I swear it’s a terrific cause and will only take a few seconds of your time. All you have to do is go to this site and sign the petition, making sure to list what Hogwarts house you are in. They’ve crafted it in the form of a House Cup contest, which just ads to the Harry Potter spirit of the campaign.

And I’m the head of Slytherin house. So choose wisely, if you want to help the BEST team win.



Kristina is back and ready to WRITE!

Hello, Zaxy readers! Kristina here. I have been gone for quite a long time, what with all the touring and toe-breaking I’ve been doing lately (no great story here, just that I broke my toe running up my stairs a few days ago. The PIZZA was here! Can you blame me?)

But anyway, now I am home. And just in time to tell you all about the best part of Novemeber: NaNoWriMo!

So the basic gist of the project is that you write a novel in a month. The goal set by the NaNoWriMo organization is 50,000 words. You can write literally anything you want, from sci-fi to romance, chick lit to fanfiction, ANYTHING.

All you do is type those little fingers off and update your word count each day on the site. Maybe find yourself some writing buddies, stock up on caffeine and sugar, and pump out that novel you’ve always said you wanted to write.

I know I’m the resident “internet meme specialist” here on, and while nanowrimo isn’t exactly a meme, it’s definitely the reason so many people are quiet on Facebook today. Are your view counts low on YouTube? Does there seem to be less trolls in general online? It’s because people everywhere are typing furiously, trying to get the 1,667 words needed each day to get to 50k by November 30th. Or they’re staring dejectedly at a depressingly blank word document, like I am.

In fact, the only site that’s possibly even busier than normal today is twitter, because it’s so damn easy and distracting to check the #nanowrimo hashtag. And refresh. And refresh.

Anyway, even if you’re not into writing yourself, I think it’s good to know what the rest of the Internet is up to.

Also, now’s the best excuse to get your high-pitched Stewie voice on and ask your Nano buddies, “How’s that novel you’ve been working on?”



The Ultimate Nerd Snack.

Okay. I’m really sorry for this. I know that this is a a nerd blog, with emphasis on gaming, comics, movies, tech stuff etc., and that what I am about to post is really none of the above, but come ON. Every LAN party, every movie night, every nerd convention in existence requires a great snack. And everyone knows that pizza is the ultimate nerd snack.

So behold. Revolutionizing the future of nerd snacking.

A pizza topped with more pizzas.

This particular pizza monstrosity was created by artist John Riepenhoff not for a sweet party but for an art show at a gallery in Milwaukee. He called the project his “Physical Pizza Networking Theory”. Kind of makes you hungry, doesn’t it? In a collegiate sort of way?

So yeah. This is a totally miscellaneous post that only fits into the category of “other” in our tags, but the world needs to see this. And then they need to eat it.




Skyward Sword Response #2!

Let’s see if a woman’s intuition is truly never wrong…

                                        IT FLIEZ!

Your name: Molly

Your favorite Zelda title: Majora’s Mask

Brief summary of Skyward Sword’s plot: Blonde-haired dude who looks like legendary Hero of Time (but totally isn’t the same one, obv) finds a sword that can fly and shit. Ends up saving the world from Ganondorf.

How many dungeons/temples/castles will there be?  Be as specific as you want.  I’m just going to pull a number out of my ass and say 5-7 ‘dungeons’.

Dare to take a guess at the names of said dungeons/temples/castles? Nope, but there will be a volcano, a watery place, an icy place, a rocky place, and a place in the sky. And a forest.

Will there be a musical instrument? I hope so! Hopefully not just a wolf howling. As much as I enjoyed Twilight Princess, I was majorly disappointed by the lack of real instruments.

What will be the second mode of transportation be (horse, boat, etc)? Flying sword!

Will that mother effin’ Triforce be obtainable?! Let’s say… yes.

The thing that is going to piss everyone off about Skyward Sword is: All of the things that usually piss off overly-entitled fans of the series. Zelda fans are eternally angry.

Molly, I hope you’re right about the Triforce. You have no idea how many hours I wasted dealing with those Ocarina of Time Triforce rumors. Catch the fisherman’s hat, they said. Find the Temple of Light, they said. LIES!!!



Another Way to Swoon That Special Someone

Remember the post I made about the ultimate way to ask someone out? The one with Pokemon?

Immediately upon reading I know you dropped what you were doing, went on ebay, bought a copy of Pokemon Red and tried your luck with the lady or man of your dreams.

And I’m sure ya’ll are happily married by now.

However, if something went wrong (maybe you accidentally bought Pokemon Blue) I have a new solution.

Of course you need to make sure this person hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 30 or so years and knows what Tetris is. Because if they didn’t, that would a bad (and strange) thing. You would have to try and get clever with Modern Warfare or something.

Ah…nothing says “I love you” like a frag in the face.

(via failblog)



The Zombies Are Coming! The Zombies Are Coming!

In light of today’s Red White and Dead event, I felt it was appropriate to bring up a topic that will not only allow you guys to get to know me better, but we will totally connect on a whole new level because of it. I promise.

If there were a zombie apocalypse, where would you go, which weapons would you use, and would you travel alone?

Okay, so maybe the question isn’t ENTIRELY blind date material, but hey, it’s important.  Being the zombie nut that I am, I sometimes find myself musing over this matter (usually when I’m bored at work).

As you sit and read this, it’s easy to say where you would LIKE to make your last stand when the walking pus-bags begin roaming, but let’s face it, we’ll probably end up with our hands on our head, frantically running around and screaming like little girls.

But still…it’s always good to have a plan in THEORY.

Weapons: I’m decent with a rifle and a shotgun, so I’d take a 30.06 and a 12 gauge. Some of the macho types prefer hand-to-hand combat with an axe or chainsaw, and I say you’re crazy. What if blood splatter lands in your mouth or eyes? We all know the T-Virus…er, I mean unknown disease, is highly contagious. Duh.

Companions: To be a lone wolf or join a pack? With more people comes more responsibility (such as the necessity for extra supplies and food) however there is such a thing as safety in numbers. I would join a group of survivors any day over being a loner and inevitably making an inanimate object my new best friend. BUT. People tend to go batshit crazy in reaction to dead people roaming the land (weird, right?), so finding trustworthy companions that aren’t going to shank you or steal your goodies while on ‘night watch’ could prove to be rather difficult.

Location: This is really what it comes down to, isn’t it? Whether you’re alone, in a group, or somehow GameShark’d your life to grant you infinite ammo, if your location is less than ideal you aren’t going to survive the long, looming apocalypse.

Films, novels and comics have taught us that warehouses, malls, abandoned villages and even prisons are the cream of the crop, and I can’t argue. But there are major things to consider. Finding an aforementioned goldmine even remotely abandoned would require the same luck you would need to win the lottery. Even if you were to stumble across a warehouse completely void of zombies, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ensuring that unwanted intruders (both the living and the dead) can’t and won’t infiltrate your cozy little home is an entirely different matter.  And what about food? You’re bound to run out sometime, just as you will with bottled water. Will you attempt to grow your own crops by making do with available supplies, or will you have to raid local towns and 7-Elevens?

My ideal place of refuge?  Costco. Ammo shortages might be a problem, but it’s a huge warehouse, contains more non-perishable food than I know what to do with, generators, an office I can lock up and sleep in at night, and here’s the biggie: free videogames and consoles.

And if I, you know, ever feel like being saved I can crawl up on the roof and paint a sprawling  ”HALP” across it for when the government comes for us.

They will come for us…right?

Cue the cliche line of “No one’s coming for us.”

Maybe you haven’t given this as much thought as I have (I admit, I’m bored at work a lot) but in a nutshell, where and what would you do should the zombies rise?

I guess if all else fails, you can do what I did this March at PAX East.

Team up with Jill Valentine.