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Everyone has a place in their home where they like to watch TV, go on the computer, watch movies and play video games. The greatest way to arrange your house is so you can have all those activities in one room, “The Gamer Room.” Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, den or playroom, the gamer room is the sanctuary of your house. Your personal kingdom! Here are some cool things that would make anyone jealous (me especially) of your beloved gaming haven!

The Couch

The couch is like your throne. You don’t want just ANY chair or seat! You want it to be BIG and BADASS!

The Pixel Couch by Cristian Zuzunaga

The Love Sac – LoveSac.com

Wall Decorations

Don’t just let your walls sit there with nothing on them! Liven it up a little with some cool decorations or posters of your favorite things!

Death Star Wall Cling from ThinkGeek.com ($99.99)

Nintendo Wall Graphics – ThinkGeek.com ($49.99 – $69.99)

Star Trek Wall Decals – ThinkGeek ($12.99-$249.99)


Make your shelves as fun as the stuff thats on them!

Tetrad Flat – Brave Space Design

Polar Bear Bookshelf – iBride

Donkey Kong Shelves -Neatorama

T.Shelf – J1studio.com


PS3 Coffee Table -Walyou.com

Regular Nintendo Controller Coffee Table (That actually works as a controller too!) – Geekologie

Han Solo Carbonite Desk/Table – Tom Spina Designs

Pac-Man Coffee Table – Geeky-Gadgets


Halo MasterChief Pillow – Sindeegee ($25)

Controller Pillow – Technabob

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers – ThinkGeek ($34.99)

Disappearing Dino Mug – Neatoshop

Laptop Pillow – LikeCool.com

Star Wars Plush – ThinkGeek.com ($9.99)

Playhouse For Your Kitty – ThinkGeek.com

All in all, your gamer room is supposed to reflect your personality. You don’t need all the fancy gear & gadgets as long as it suits you and your basic needs.  No matter how much money you have, what kind of couch you sit on and what type of wall decorations you hang, just remember that you’ll always be better off than this poor guy!


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6 Replies

  1. I want to know what would happen if you put the Konami code into that Nintendo coffee table.

  2. Spectralraziel Apr 12th 2010

    I have a room full of the usual gaming junk, Figures (bioshock 2 subject delta being the newest addition), statues (army of darkness being the favourite) with a large jumble of games, books & PC components scattered around.

    I do have a fairly large Lego Star wars collection knocking round too, death star, star destroyer, millenium falcon all included.

    loving the han solo coffee table, just don’t have room for something that big unless I throw out some of my junk

  3. Daniel Apr 12th 2010

    that guy mostly sucks because he’s playing a game cube

  4. AGREED.

  5. Awesome post!!
    I want that Donkey Kong shelf!

  6. hey, i had a setup like the last pic, back when atari came out — and for a little while with my ps2

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