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So a friend of mine was recently taking advantage of the plethora of old seasons of Nicktoons currently available on Netflix, and she stumbled upon one of the most amazing TV crossovers I have ever seen.

Are you ready for this? Seriously. Prepare yourselves.

RUGRATS. DOCTOR WHO. Those are Daleks, right there on the toy shelf behind Chuckie. Pink ones, yes, but Daleks all the same. No explanation, no actual reason to be there, just a little Easter egg for those sci-fi fanatic watchers of the beloved childhood cartoon. Clearly this is not something I picked up on when I was seven.

I don’t know what I’d be more excited for… The Doctor taking on Reptar in an attempt to stop him from destroying earth, or Amy Pond showing up at the Pickle’s residence to babysit the kids for an evening. I guess the world will never know. Unless someone wants to make those fan films for me right now. Please?


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6 Replies

  1. OH. MY. GOD.

    That… that is amazing. Omg.

  2. Socksy Jan 12th 2011

    I loved Doctor Who, but Rugrats was not my favorite show ever… I’m not sure how to feel.

  3. Dominique Jan 13th 2011

    Whoa! Is it just me or did Rugrats just get a hundred times cooler?

  4. StreetUnicorn Jan 13th 2011

    I think my brain just exploded. I definitely did not catch that back in the day. I’m not even sure I would have seen it now.

  5. wow amazing find!

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