Today on Craigslist: Sorcerer For Hire [7 comments]

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Every once in a while I like to peruse the goods found on cragslist, and today I found the good-est of all.

A real, live, sorcerer for hire.

“I’ve handled divorce and domestic relationship cases, stalking and work place harassment and general bullying issues. Also attacks by Demons, Ghosts and people practicing Satanic Evil Black Magic. ”

You can see the original posting here, and visit his website for more information at


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7 Replies

  1. griff56 Feb 28th 2011

    This. Is. Perfect.

  2. Socksy Feb 28th 2011

    I’m not buying it until I see his character sheet. It would lend some extra credibility if he listed weapon proficiencies and equipped items… XD

  3. Wheeler Feb 28th 2011

    Only some yahoo from Seattle would come up with this. So what’s his/her stats cause i think i would want somebody with a higher than average charisma but i don’t want them summoning demons or such you know. also need to know the alignment and race.

  4. Harry Dresden would never be so crass. <3

  5. Well, interesting comments. You can’t do this work without getting a few. A client of mine just sent me the link to this post. This is a very good surprise. Thank you Tara. The things I have listed are from actual cases. And Harry Dresden, that was a great show, very sad to see it go. Sorry, any tools (or weapons) used are classified. You have to have a few secrets to make things work well. If you have any questions, please ask.

  6. Difference between Harry Dresden and this hack is the one on craiglist is a SORCERER. Harry is a WIZARD. I think that Harry would call in people to deal with this guy as well.

    That, and to Ray, Dresden also has a series of novels…

  7. And also of couse the difference between fiction and reality.
    But, we do share one thing . . . the difficulty some people have with excepting what we are and do. That can be very hard for a great many people, in a modern world in which there still remains ancient realities.

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