TMNT Tell You To Stay Away From Pot [3 comments]

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Things I’ve learned today:
Michelangelo is high.
Calling people a turkey is an awesome insult.
There are people out there that have TONS of pot, and are insulted if you don’t take it from them.

Thanks, Ninja Turtles!

(And thanks to Jorge_Z for sending my way!)


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3 Replies

  1. that kid wasn’t a drug dealer, he was “freelance open-air pharmaceutical sales specialist” (the PC term), and didn’t look like he was charging, he had 3 pretty poorly rolled joints there, so im assuming he was just sharing.

  2. Since no bully is just going to give away weed, it was probably just grass from the schoolyard and he just wanted to watch the kid pretend to get high as a cruel joke.

  3. holy shit I remember that PSA from Saturday morning cartoons

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