Zombies and Superheroes! [3 comments]

December 2, 2011

What happens when you combine zombies, superheroes, guns, blood, pretty girls and upbeat dance music?


The musical artist, Alex Day, is a good friend of mine – as is the guy who directed the music video, most of the zombies and the “female love interest”.

But I wouldn’t ever post anything just to promote friends; I legitimately think this video is super creative as well as expertly executed. The effects are cheesy, the costumes homemade – but that’s where the charm lies.

They took the overdone zombie cliché, combined it with the ever growing superhero trend, and with that, created a product that transcends them both to highlight the most important thing of all… friendship. D’aww.


Britt’s zomBcon Recap! [3 comments]

October 25, 2011

Is it ironic that I feel like a zombie as I write this? …Except I don’t have an urge to seek out human flesh and nom on it. So, I guess I really don’t feel like a zombie? Wait. Why do people say they feel like zombies when they’re tired? Is it because zombies typically are known for mindless shuffling? Groaning? Hmmm. I’ve been dragging my feet (read: ass) today and groaning from time to time, so I guess that makes sense.


ZomBcon felt smaller this year, but there definitely was NOT a lack of things to see/buy/touch/gawk at. And before I dive into this, I know you’re absolutely dying to know whether or not I was able to see, buy (?), touch or gawk at Sam Trammell, Norman Reedus and Jon Bernthal. Here’s how I did:

Sam Trammell: Gawked and talked to. Awkwardly.

Norman Reedus: Gawked and stalked. He was within five feet of us. Also, after listening to him at the panel, I feel bad that I only gave him a 3% chance of being jumped by me.

Jon Bernthal: He was a no-show at zomBcon. LAME SALSA, MR. BERNTHAL.

Mmmkay! Onto the pics!

This was when we first arrived. We had to wander deep into the halls of the Hilton, which also happened to be where the Oregon State University football team was staying for the weekend. And uh, wow, those are some big dudes. On that note, I’m happy to report that OSU creamed WSU. However, don’t you dare ask me about the UW and Stanford game. Don’t. Do. It. Moving on…

This is the beer that gave Erin and I the liquid courage required to speak with Sam Trammell. Also, it’s a little known fact that zombies love ice cold Bud Lights.

See: Sam Trammell. We had a very, very awkward conversation with this dude.

Ladies: How the heck do you keep your hair teased? I swear when I walked out the door on my way to zomBcon it looked like a matted rat’s nest, but by the time I arrived it almost looked…normal. Bah. Anyway, we were constantly adjusting our makeup and trying to fuck our hair up. Because as my buddy Tony put it, zombies don’t have “washed, perfectly styled bright blonde hair.” Oh Tony, you jackass. <3.

Erin’s skin began sloughing off. I’ve always wanted to use “sloughing” in a sentence, by the way. Mark that one off of the bucket list!

In our buzzed state we somehow ended up wandering into The Walking Dead panel. Jon Bernthal was supposed to be there as well, but Norman Reedus and Bicycle Zombie Girl sufficed! The highlight of the panel was when Norman whipped out his cell phone and requested that we yell “FAP FAP FAP!” so he could record it. Brilliant.

I spent waaa-haaay too much for this Sweet Tooth action figure. Like, 15 bucks too much. Fail. Fail. Fail. But it’s now mine, and it will fit nicely in my woman cave.

RAWR. I just need to point out that I freakin’ love the way Erin made her skin look all lumpy. But I will say that the stuff she used is this concoction called Creepy Skin, and I’m 97% sure it’s someone’s earwax because it’s brown, lumpy and hairy. Let’s all give her kudos for putting that ish on her ish.

Here are a few more random pics I’m too lazy to write captions for <3:


Emma Stone in “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies” [1 comment]

June 23, 2011

Emma Stone (of Zombieland) will be fighting zombies once again if she takes the lead in “Pride, Prejudice and Zombies”, which was offered to her today.

I’m a fan of Stone and a fan of zombies, so I’m looking forward to this flick. And I’m extremely intrigued by the main two production companies: Natalie Portman’s and Richard Kelly’s Darko Films. Looks like we can expect some romance and comedy from Portman and some dark wtf moments from Kelly.

Have you read the book? Are you looking forward to the movie?


The Walking Dead videogame details [1 comment]

June 9, 2011

And by details, I mean extremely-minute-practically-nonexistent details, but you’ll leave knowing more than you did.

From the sounds of it, Telltale games will be creating a brand spakin’ new storyline featuring two new characters. The characters, a seven-year-old girl named Clementine and a prisoner named Lee Everett, will have to work together to escape and survive the zombies swarming Atlanta.

Telltale has said that new duo will cross paths with famed characters from the comic.

The episodic videogame is slated for a Q4 2011 release. In meantime, check out a piece of concept art!

Read more here.


Holy Eff: Charlie Bit My Finger Remake [5 comments]

May 12, 2011

Well… This woke me up.

Reddit user checkthegate was asked to re-make “Charlie Bit My Finger” by a film festival, so he did it in a slightly more… undead… fashion. This is one of the best zombie-related anything I’ve seen in a long time.

Seriously. My heart’s still beating pretty hard. Sheesh.

(Source: Reddit)


Would You Survive a Zombie Outbreak? [1 comment]

May 3, 2011

If a bad case of zombies broke out on your college campus, do you think you’d survive? Find out with this handy-dandy flowchart!

I was an RA in college, so it looks like I’d survive for about 6 hours. Gulp.


The Truth About Apple Fans [12 comments]

April 14, 2011

I’m just going to leave this here, then back away slowly.

(Artist: Jesse Lenz Source: Geeks Are Sexy)


Protect Yourself: Zombie Survival Infographic [3 comments]

March 23, 2011

With all the talk of Dead Island today, I thought I should remind you all of the danger of zombies, and the best ways to prepare yourself. This infographic’s been making its way around the web this past week:

What’s your preferred method for killing zombies?


Dead Island’s Logo Censored in North America [7 comments]

Hey, you! Yeah you, the one with the awesome game idea. I have a pro tip for you: when your game finally sees the light of day, make sure your cover art doesn’t feature someone hanging from a tree branch.

Apparently, featuring a silhouette of a person hanging by their neck from a tree branch will get your cover art censored in NA, because that’s exactly what happened to Dead Island. The ESRB has issued a statement to IGN that the uncensored cover art for Dead Island is not compliant with industry guidelines.

The uncensored logo for Dead Island


Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed that this change only applies to the cover art in NA and the in-game logo will remain unchanged.

You know what? I prefer the censored logo. Here’s my personal opinion: if you’re going to market a game that focuses on zombie survival horror, a hint of zombie should be portrayed in the cover art, especially for a new IP such as Dead Island. If I were browsing the game rack at my local GameStop and saw the original, uncensored cover art, I would assume that this was a video game that takes place on a dangerous island with an ongoing string of mass murders, probably by group of living, breathing, sick and twisted individuals, but not by zombies. On the other hand, the censored cover art clearly depicts a human figure as a brain-eating shambling pusbag, with the hunched shoulders, crooked neck and rigid arms.

What are your thoughts? 


Walking Dead Video Game Announced [3 comments]

February 18, 2011

Man oh man, what an a-w-e-s-o-m-e week for lovers of the undead. On Wednesday we were blessed with a brand-spankin’ new Dead Island trailer and deets. Now it’s been announced that Robert Kirkman is working with Telltale Games on a “multi-year, multi-platform, mulit-title” video game based off of the graphic novel the Walking Dead.

Details are scarce, but here is what we know:

  • Telltale is aiming for a Q4 2011 release.
  • The game will be not only be available for consoles, but for PC, Mac, mobile and social gaming media as well.
  • The setting for the game takes place in the comic book universe (can I get a Hallelujah?!).
  • The game will be episodic.

To be honest, I’m a little hesitant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for giving it a chance, but being a huge fan of the graphic novel and watching the series translate onto television so poorly (I personally don’t think the first season represented the Walking Dead as well as it could have) I can’t help it. Although I may not be bouncing off of the walls with excitement, I am bumping into them.

But hey, I’m hoping for the best. Fingers crossed!!!

Thanks, IGN.