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If you’re looking for a fun flash game, THIS IS IT.

Super Mario

Super Mario Crossover is just that. It’s the old Super Mario game, but you don’t have to play as Mario. Go ahead and try it with Link, Mega Man, Bill R., Simon, or Samus. Once you pick your character, the music changes to that respective game, and you get to control the character (and use some of their original weapons). However, all characters still get mushrooms and can go down pipes. And jumping on the goombas still seems like the best way to go.

Give it a try! Which is your favorite character to play as?

(A big thank you to Cthaniel who sent this game our way!)


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  1. Daniel Apr 28th 2010

    Full Disclosure: I grabbed it from Dinosaur Comics (

  2. Michael Givens Apr 28th 2010

    Okay, this makes me all kinds of happy. :D

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