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So we all know by now that Halloween has become some sort of excuse to be slutty for the ladies. In fact, I have some friends that actively try to wear the least amount of clothing as possible.

…But has this tradition gone a little far? Sure, we’ve all seen slutty bumblebees and nurses. And for the geek set, Slave Leia and various superhero costumes are a go-to. But take a look at some of the newest costumes for 2010:

Sexy Ghostbuster
I don’t remember ANY of the Ghostbusters looking like that. Wowza.

Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Not often do “sexy”, “mutant”, and “turtle” go in the same sentence.

I love the Ninja Turtles. I’ve wanted to be April since I was a little girl. But be a sexy version of the turtles themselves? Can’t say I’ve ever thought of it. Sadly, my size is already sold out. Looks like this’ll be pretty popular this year.

Sexy Monopoly

…Have these people played a board game before? Since when did Monopoly get sexy? Have I been playing it wrong?
(There is also sexy Twister and Scrabble available.)

And the most frightening of them all… Sexy Sesame Street Characters

Sexy Cookie Monster. I just…. I…. I’m sorry guys. It’s hard to write in between the tears. My childhood is over. My innocence has been taken. There are sexy Sesame Street characters. I… can’t.

(And let’s not even mention the fact that Cookie Monster’s face looks like it’s eating the poor girl ala Brain Slug.)

So guys, what are your thoughts on the costumes? Love ‘em or hate ‘em? And what are your thoughts on ladies that choose to wear these for Halloween? While on that topic, what should the Zaxy ladies be for Halloween?


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12 Replies

  1. not big into cosplay or costumes…but your friends who actively try to wear the least amount of clothing as possible, they sound pretty cool.

  2. I think the Zaxy girls should set a new trend and goes at Sexy household appliances like sexy blender and sexy toaster.

  3. Boots_33 Sep 17th 2010

    As a male, I’m not going to lie and say that the costumes aren’t visually appealing to me in certain aspects, but….

    Halloween is getting a little out of hand with these types of costumes, and the baffling part is that it shows no signs of stopping. Last year, I went to a party and 90% of the women there were wearing “racy” outfits like these, even the joke costumes. If anything, it makes Halloween seem like another excuse for certain types of women to try their hardest to get guys to buy their drinks for the night. I’d much rather see some creative or funny costume ideas.

  4. Yeah…this is the first halloween since good ol avatar came out so I am sure we can expect to see many decked out in blue paint and skimpy grass bras and bottoms as well…

  5. geovani Sep 17th 2010

    omg cookie plz stop

  6. Jack, you just ruined The Brave Little Toaster!

  7. Umm, sexy toaster FTW.

    …Except it kinda makes me think of BSG. Now THOSE were some sexy toasters. ;-)

  8. You could always go the easy route. Since you love zombies some much, why not go as sexy zombie bumblebees and nurses. Haha! jk ;-) But seriously, that would be pretty sweet.

  9. Paul,

    That’s actually a really fun idea! I could be a “Zombee”…

  10. ohsnap Sep 17th 2010

    oh man. Not gonna lie, that sesame street costume makes me laugh my ass off.

  11. @ohsnap I saw the big bird one yesterday in Target. I left very confused about my feelings towards it lol

  12. asumiko Sep 17th 2010

    I like the idea of a Cookie Monster brain slug.

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