Top 15 New “Sexy” Halloween Costumes [28 comments]

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As Halloween approaches, I’ve begun the search for an awesome costume. But, much like last year, I ended up finding tons of new costumes that just made me go “WTF.” Girls’ “sexy” costumes keep getting more and more bizarre.

I’ve found an assortment of costumes I want to share with you, and have broken them into four categories. But the best part? is willing to send me one or two of these costumes of YOUR choice, and I’ll have some fun doing a photo shoot for you all. Just leave a comment with the costume you want to see me wear by noon on Wednesday, September 21, and keep an eye out for the photos (and a contest from BuyCostumes so you can win your own costume!) in the near future.

Without further ado:

Geeky Yet Sexy
I don’t think any of this stuff would pass at a convention. 



Angry Birds
My friends and I have decided you can make this sexy by wearing nothing but underwear with it. I’m pretty sure I would be head butting people all night if I had this. I also can’t look at the picture of this costume without cracking up.


Want to dress up as a girl wearing a dress that says “Pac-Man” on it? Lucky for you, you can do that!


This may not look much like the Bumblebee you know and love tolerate, but I secretly love it. Why? Because SO many girls dress up as bumblebees during Halloween every year. This would be an amazing way to show them up.


Sexy Inanimate Objects
I can’t say I ever thought of any of these things as sexy, but here goes… 



Pool Table
This costume was entirely created so guys could tell her “nice rack”. Bonus: The balls are moveable, so you can… move them. Not sure why you’d want to. Also, wouldn’t you just be opening yourself up to being beat with sticks all night if you wore this?

Nothing says “hottie” like a cartoony weapon of destruction. Also available: Dynamite.

Are you short, very stocky, and looking for a Halloween costume? Voila!


Sexy Nightmares
Man, who would have thought crazy people could look so good. 



Silence of the Lambs
Nothing says “sexy” like a crazy cannibal. BONUS: If people don’t know what movie you’re from, it says on your chest!

A Clockwork Orange
You know that time you thought “I really want to go as a character from Clockwork Orange, but I want to show some leg, and maybe have guys think I’m cute?” Well, it’s your lucky day!

Edward Scissorhands
Well… that exists.

So this isn’t a villian or a character from a horror film exactly, but it is the costume that’s most likely to give me nightmares. So, there’s that.


Let’s Ruin Our Childhood
I just… I… 



Oscar the Grouch
Looks like we’re continuing the theme of “Sexy Sesame Street” characters started last year. I’m glad to see I can finally dress like a monster that lives in trash (and that his trash can makes such a tasteful pencil skirt.)

Just a quick reminder: Ursula is the obese octopus that steals the Little Mermaid’s voice. She is in no way sexy at ALL. That said, this outfit is actually kinda cute.

So, I see what you’re doing here. It’s a different, more fun version of the average “maid” costume. But… OH DEAR GOD WHY ARE YOU CARRYING YOUR HEAD AS A PURSE?

Marvin the Martian
Marvin, that’s not where your eyes go…

Hello Kitty
This wins the “vomit in my mouth” award. Hello Kitty is not supposed to be hot. Or human. Please give me my childhood back.

After all that, I’m TERRIFIED to see what you’re going to make me wear. Don’t forget to leave a comment on what costume I should do a shoot in. Please go easy.
Looking for something a bit less skanky for yourself? Take a look at the rest of BuyCostume’s Halloween costumes.


EDIT: I’ve tallied the votes, and the winning costume was: ROSIE! Second place was Angry Birds. Interesting to see the kinds of things you all think is “sexy”… Be on the look out for some pictures of me in the costume you picked in the next couple weeks!


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28 Replies

  1. You should totally go as Molly Squidpiddge.

  2. Jorge_Z Sep 15th 2011

    I vote for Bumblebee.

  3. Bumblebee. unless you’ll honor the only underwear angry Bird(: hahah

  4. These costumes are very interesting,
    and the puns practically write themselves.
    You will look good in the bumblebee, the martian, and to a stretch the edward sissor hands costume.

  5. Kristina Sep 15th 2011


  6. Thomas Sep 15th 2011

    Angry Birds or Silence of the Lambs have my vote.

  7. Cheeko Sep 15th 2011

    I’d go pac man. Not totally trashy but still sexy and probably the closest thing to a real geek costume. Angry birds its a close second I’d you figure put something cool for the rest of it

  8. Tom Nord Sep 15th 2011

    Gotta go with Edward Scissorhands or Marvin the Martian.

  9. Seanis8bit Sep 15th 2011


  10. Pacman, absolutely.

  11. Jessica Sep 15th 2011

    The Pacman dress isn’t so much of a costume as something that you’d just wear for the heck of it, amirite? I’d pair it with a cute pair of blue jeans.

    For costume, I vote for Rosie, except bust out the crafts and construct yourself a proper mask for it. Completely agree that the purse is just wrong!

  12. The retro gamer geek in me goes with Pac Man. I’m sure you’ll rock anything on that list, cause that’s just how Zaxy gals roll

  13. Tekknight Sep 16th 2011

    Ella Scissorhands!

  14. Oscar the Grouch or Rosie!

  15. Truly, I’d vote for Rosie. But don’t take it as a french maid thing. Take it as a Jetsons thing!

  16. The little robot that could……Rosie!

  17. Bumblebee looks a lot like a Wonder Woman rip-off for some reason to me…

    I vote Angry Birds, because it is absolutely ridiculous! :)

  18. Boots_33 Sep 21st 2011

    I’m going obscure.

    I pick Marvin the Martian.

  19. Boots_33 Sep 21st 2011

    I changed my mind. The Rosie Head Purse is funny, so I pick that, instead. :P

  20. Alexander Sep 21st 2011

    I vote for Rosie, Pool Table, or Bumblebee.

  21. dpanda Sep 21st 2011

    i vote silence of the lambs

  22. I’m really sad that more people aren’t voting for Hello Kitty. HELLO KITTY!

  23. Griff56 Sep 21st 2011


  24. prehah Sep 21st 2011

    I vote for rosie

  25. Calvin VanWinkle Sep 21st 2011

    I say Marvin the Martian


  27. Daniel Sep 21st 2011

    I vote A Clockwork Orange, all the way.

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