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Guys, I tried. I really tried to keep my growing obsession with the new animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic off of Zaxy. I know that while the whole My Little Pony craze is growing in intensity every day, not everyone cares about it. Not everyone understands how a show meant for children that’s covered in hearts and pink things can actually appeal to our older generation.

But my bronies, I can’t keep this one from you. Check it out. The Serenity trailer, My Little Pony-ized:

Are you completely confused? Here’s an article from “Wired” magazine that explains the Pony phenomenon sweeping the internet.

I know many of you will probably go kicking and screaming before you give in and sit down to watch an episode of the show, but just know — eventually, curiosity will get the best of you. There wouldn’t be pony .gifs flooding 4chan for no reason. Give it a try. ;)

But hey, no pressure. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you’re the only n00b who isn’t 20% cooler.


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2 Replies

  1. I read ‘bronies’ and irrigated my nose. Thankyou..thankyou so much for that!

  2. Christine Jun 29th 2011

    dang it, now i have to go watch some animated ponies prancing about… X)

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