How Nerdy is Too Nerdy? [5 comments]

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Man, I never knew Katrina Bowden was such a NERD. Would you be able to keep up with this much nerd?
(The ending of this is pretty much every Zaxy sleepover that’s ever happened.)


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5 Replies

  1. Tom Nord Dec 8th 2011

    Screw her! Spirited Away is my favorite Ghibli film. :P

  2. Jasmine Simmons Dec 13th 2011

    Is it sad that that is how all my dates go in real life? LOL

  3. Her HALO rant made me happy.

  4. Sexy O'Sullivan Dec 15th 2011

    I totally feel her pain =_= I think the Doctor Who comment was definitely the last straw. Though I’d rather be in the Comic book section rather than the Manga section. : P

  5. She’s just a little more nerdy than I am. Still sad that I’m almost as nerdy. I probably get that crazy with comic books. Then I start yelling at whoever I’m with. I just need to finish my rants with a slap to the f-a-c-e!

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