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You may have seen this gem floating around, but I loved it too much not to post:

What game do YOU think is worthy of this praise? And is there really anything better than a goblet full of children’s laughter? (It tastes better than a goblet of their tears…)

(Source: BuzzFeed)


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  1. napoleon1066 Dec 7th 2010

    Drinking a goblet filled with children? How evil.

  2. I actually said something close to that in a review I have yet to post.

    Don’t you like how the service provider is Stuff?

  3. Critanime Dec 7th 2010

    Chuchu Rocket?

    Or maybe they have finally ported Alien Breed: Tower assault from the amiga….

    Nah I don’t think the childrens laughter would be in it. Maybe terror is more like it.

  4. What game is this that got such an amazing review?

  5. We don’t know! The pic doesn’t say. Bonus points to whoever figures it out.

  6. Z0D1AK HUN73R Dec 7th 2010

    I believe the game in question is Rage HD. Some other possibilities people had was Robot Unicorn Attack or Doodle Devil.

  7. Majin72 Dec 7th 2010

    I found a verbatim review via Google, though not sure it’s exactly the same game… >_>

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