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There’s been a flurry of conversations and activity this week as browncoats hope for a possible comeback of their favorite show.

The talk began early this week with an article with a very misleading title from MTV Geek stating that “Firefly Returns… and Nathan Fillion is open to play Mal Again”. Yes, reruns of Firefly will be shown on the Science Channel, and Nathan Fillion has mentioned that he would be interested in reappearing as Mal or producing Firefly at some point (for instance, if he wins the CA state lottery), but those points are unrelated. There is no confirmation of Firefly coming back or Nathan Fillion doing anything with it, but that didn’t stop the fans from mobilizing.

Then this piece of TV magic occurred:

Nathan Fillion tweeted it out, and has been receiving mentions of support from former Firefly crew, as well as an outpouring from fans. Currently, fans are in talks of assisting Nathan Fillion in raising money to bring Firefly back. Want to join the cause? Join “Help Nathan Buy Firefly” on Facebook, visit their website, and follow Nathan Fillion on Twitter.

What would you be willing to do/give to get Firefly back on the air?


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4 Replies

  1. Did I ever mention that I love you?

    (In a completely platonic, non-romantic, browncoat-to-browncoat way, of course.)

  2. griff56 Feb 22nd 2011


    I really hope this takes off! I loves me some Firefly!

  3. it'sme Feb 22nd 2011

    That would be too awesome for words….*sigh

  4. This would sure be shiny! The show is just too damn pretty to die.

    I do think a movie might be in accordance, seein as Inara and Jayne are busy with V and Chuck and such. Browncoats will take what we can get. There isn’t a power in the verse that’ll stop us from wantin to see her come back.

    There’s just an acre of fellas wanting to see gorram reality TV, and that is why we lost…superior numbers.

    You can’t stop the signal…

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