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Comic Day Countdown: What I Want [1 comment]

April 30, 2010

Free Comic Book Day is coming up this Saturday, and I am celebrating by sharing some of my favorite comics this week!
Take a look at yesterday’s post on Spell Checkers,
Wednesday’s post on Night Zero,
Or Tuesday’s post on Demo.

Today I’ll be taking a look at some potential comics I can’t wait to check out. I’ll probably be buying a couple of these tomorrow!

The Guild
Everyone’s favorite web series now has an origin story! I’m excited to see these characters in a new medium for their 3-part miniseries. (Issues 1 and 2 are currently out).

Locke and Key
Kenneth and Daniel recommended this over on our Facebook page, and I trust my Zaxyers. I’ll be looking for the 1st issue to pick up tomorrow! Locke and Key is apparently a horror style comic, and that intrigues me.

Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis
The title and image should be enough. I saw this in a bookstore but didn’t have the chance to pick it up. We all know I love Futurama, and this looks like so much fun.
Let’s just say Lisa serenades Fry with her sax, but it can’t compare to Fry’s performance on the Holophonor…

Did these comics pique your interest? Then join me at Free Comic Book Day! Take a look for the nearest store to you.

If you’re in the Seattle area, join me at Comics Dungeon in Wallingford at noon. We’ll pick out our comics, browse the store, and get some photos taken with StormTroopers! After that, join me across the street for some Dick’s burgers and milkshakes. Yum! Comics and burgers, I can’t wait! You can get more information on the specials Comics Dungeon will have going on this weekend on their Facebook event page.

Will I see you there?


Xbox 360: The Game Of… Wife?! [4 comments]

April 29, 2010

Idea factory is creating a game for Japanese Xbox 360 owners where you’ll create and design your very own virtual wife. In the game, My Wife: A Bride Just For You, you’ll be able to customize your wife by choosing her looks, voice & personality and then start playing as virtual newlyweds. Weeird.

I don’t know how I feel about this idea seeing as how in Fable, I always cheated or got sick of my wives. I’d take them to the Hobbe Caves & let the Hobbes have at her so my purity level wouldn’t go down! Amiright or amiright or AMIRIGHT?!?! I just see this game getting boring, very fast, OR, I see extremely weird people playing it and ending up with unrealistic standards of women or some ridiculous ass relationship guidelines. Either way, I think those games are best left to the imagination and not on Xbox.



LOVE: This Guy Loves His Wii So Much He Made A Dance To The Menu Music [2 comments]

Although I am not a Wii fan myself, I can fully appreciate the tutting dance skillz of this guy, Mike Song, who choreographed this little number to the music from the Wii Channel Menu.

Mike Song, you’re a freakin’ boss! Please make more!

P.s. If you don’t know what “tutting” is, just think of an Egyptian robot dancing and you’ll understand.

[Mike Song]


Comic Day Countdown: Spell Checkers [Add a comment]

Free Comic Book Day is coming up this Saturday, and I am celebrating by sharing some of my favorite comics this week!
Take a look at yesterday’s post on Night Zero.
Or Tuesday’s post on Demo.

Today, I take you into a magical world. That world being high school. Remember those really bitchy, popular girls that would try to take you down with their icy glares and advanced eye rolls? What if they had superpowers other than their blackmail on teachers and daddy’s credit card?

Then you get the girls of Spell Checkers.

spell checkers

This ain’t no Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The graphic novel reads like a wittier, current Mean Girls. And these girls are, indeed, mean. You’re rooting for the anti-hero, and you have a great time doing it.

But don’t worry boys, the writing and action is funny, fast paced, and cool enough to keep you hooked even if catty teenage girls aren’t your thing.

This book does have some swearing, smoking, and talk of sexual situations, so I wouldn’t recommend giving it to your lil sis. But anyone that is currently in or has ever been in high school will feel right at home.

You can buy it on Amazon or pick it up at your local comic store.

If you’re in the Portland area on Saturday, make sure you stop by Things From Another World on Sandy Blvd. from 4 to 7. Spell Checkers Author Jamie S. Rich and illustrator Joëlle Jones will be signing!

Where will I be on Free Comic Book Day? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I let you know when and where you can find me, as well as what books I’ll be excited to buy! Buy essay online.


Geek Soap Makes You Feel So Fresh And So Clean [6 comments]

Before you shower, next time ask yourself  “Do I want just a shower? Or do I want to bathe myself in the force with the Rebel & Empire alliance?” That should be a sexy time! ……With yourself. *awkward* DID I MENTION THEY HAVE SNES CARTRIDGE BAR SOAP?!

GEEKSOAP’s Snes 16-bit Game Cartridge Soap – $6.50

[Geek Soap Store]

Thanks to Droo, who is too cool to spell his name normally with the letters “EW.”


Halo: Reach! The Birth Of A Spartan Ad [5 comments]

April 28, 2010

I want to be this guy.

The anticipation is almost unbearable! I’m too excited!
May 3rd! May 3rd! May 3rd! May 3rd! May 3rd! May 3rd!!!!!


Comic Day Countdown AND Webcomic Wednesday: Night Zero [Add a comment]

Free Comic Book Day is coming up this Saturday, and I am celebrating by sharing some of my favorite comics this week!
Take a look at yesterday’s post on Demo.

I’m doing double duty today by profiling a webcomic that’s also available as a full-color, very pretty graphic novel.

And that’s Night Zero.
Full Disclosure, I know the people who created this (and helped a bit myself back in the day!). But that doesn’t mean it’s not still ridiculously awesome.

Night Zero is a post-apocalyptic photographic novel that takes place in Seattle. It’s created with HDR photography that gives it a comic book-y look. In fact, instead of being like a normal comic (where someone writes the story and someone else illustrates it), the production of Night Zero is more like a movie set. The script is written, story boards are made, actors are cast, and the shooting is done on location. After that, the images are formatted onto the page.

What results is a comic with actual people in actual Seattle locations with ACTUAL zombies. (Or maybe actors with some zombie makeup. It’s up to you to decide.)

From the Untitled Vignette

The plot focuses on a group of survivors after a “scratcher” outbreak leaves the world in an apocalyptic state. What types of politics and conspiracies will go on?

Night Zero updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on their site, or you can purchase their first or second volume online, at, or at most comic shops in Seattle.

Stay tuned… on Friday I’ll let you know when and where I’ll be on Free Comic Book Day. Hope to see you there!


Boy Scouts Of America: Video Gaming Merit Badge? [2 comments]

Is this a kid’s dream come true for the easiest merit badge ever or what?!

Boy Scouts of America have officially awarded Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts & Webelos the opportunity for the badge they have always wanted: A video gaming badge.

To earn a Belt Loop, whatever that means, the scout must fulfill these 3 requirements:

  1. Explain why it is important to have a rating system for video games. Check your video games to be sure they are right for your age.
  2. With an adult, create a schedule for you to do things that includes your chores, homework, and video gaming. Do your best to follow this schedule.
  3. Learn to play a new video game that is approved by your parent, guardian, or teacher.

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Super Mario Crossover [2 comments]

If you’re looking for a fun flash game, THIS IS IT.

Super Mario

Super Mario Crossover is just that. It’s the old Super Mario game, but you don’t have to play as Mario. Go ahead and try it with Link, Mega Man, Bill R., Simon, or Samus. Once you pick your character, the music changes to that respective game, and you get to control the character (and use some of their original weapons). However, all characters still get mushrooms and can go down pipes. And jumping on the goombas still seems like the best way to go.

Give it a try! Which is your favorite character to play as?

(A big thank you to Cthaniel who sent this game our way!)


YES. Dry Ice Blows Up Cinder Block [1 comment]

April 27, 2010

Don’t try this at home. But if you do, wear goggles and take a YouTube video.

This is why science is awesome.

But seriously. Be careful.

(Thanks to Boing Boing.)