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Quick Update! [5 comments]

February 28, 2010

To anyone that can recognize what I’m holding in my left hand (on the right), 1337 props to you my friend. Here’s a quick video update for you guys, enjoy!


New Zelda For Wii Coming 2010 [2 comments]

Rumor has it they are making yet another Zelda that wont ever compare to N64′s Ocarina of Time (click that link lol). After analyzing many so-called “leaked” spoilers and fishing through webpage posts trying to find out WTF is going on, I’ve concluded, in rumor, that the game is based on the concept that Link’s Master Sword will play a role with the character identity, rumored-to-be-named “Adelle.”

Adelle will have the ability to communicate with you through Link’s Master Sword as well as provide the sword with unlockable powers & acheivements to use in the game. It is also rumored that it will take place outside of Hyrule, and Hyrule may not even be in it at all. The game will be presented at this years E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo and is allegedly being polished as we speak.

I’m half excited, half pissed off.

RANT: When the freak will they bring back Navi, stop replacing her with farfetched “it seemed like a good idea at the time” bullcrap and start basing future games off the amazing Ocarina of Time storyline. I’d love to see the same OoT-based Hyrule, but BIGGER, BETTER & totally REVAMPED on the Wii. I’d buy a Wii just to see it! LONG LIVE OoT HYRULE! (Just my opinion)

What do you guys think?
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Gimmie! [1 comment]

February 27, 2010

Because I am awesome and want everything with buttons or a USB port, I’ve developed quite the wishlist only someone like me can be proud of.

I stumbled upon this little guy here, who is not only adorable, but he’s a flippin’ flash drive! How awesome is that! Fruitshop – Bone Collection made a wide variety of cute little guys that plug into your computer, some are animals and some are cute figurines! Click here to view the full collection or visit their store on Amazon! Someone buy me this one! Plz?! :)


Photoshop Skills: ‘Upside Down Faced Celebrities’ [Add a comment]

These pictures are a series of excellent photoshop skills and creepy celebrity portraits from Here’s a few of the weirdest:

Evangeline Lilly

Sandra Bullock

Adam Sandler

President Obama

Click here for the full gallery!
Sources: [Buzzfeed] via [Celebuzz]


Top 10 MW2 Kills [5 comments]


I wish I was at home playing right now. Too bad it would never be as awesome as this video.


Steve Jobs Calls 71-year-old iTunes Winner [Add a comment]

Louie Sulcer, a 71 year-old retired grandpa from Woodstock, Georgia was the lucky 10 billionth download winner on iTunes. He won $10,000 in free music as well as a personal phone call from Steve Jobs. Louie got his first iPod Nano last October for his birthday and after winning the $10,000 prize, he took a nap.

What a cutie :)

Source: [Goinglikesixty]


The 72 Hour NewEgg Sale [Add a comment]

February 26, 2010

GAHH! It’s already half way over and I have barely even glanced at it!

All I know is that I need a small, new LCD monitor and the Samsung 18.5″ on the NewEgg is $169.99. $70 bucks off feels like a deal, but I don’t know if I have enough time to make a decision! ALL THIS PRESSURE! I hate how long it takes me to go through with this stuff, I always have to shop around and read reviews and be 100% sure that I’ll be happy, then reconsider again and blah blah blah… Dang it. Maybe next year.


Guess What! [1 comment]

As if I’m not afraid of demented children & scary movies enough already, they’re making a movie I know I’ll HAVE to go see. No.. no..No, NO- NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep. That’s real.
Click here to view the real page.

[Thanks to Andy, who <3's my dog. You know you do!]


The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile [Add a comment]

February 25, 2010

No, this is not about Robert Pattinson happily smiling at you while doing your dishes, so all you Twilighter idiots can go hyperventilate someplace else!

The gnarly, 2-D side-scroller ‘The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai‘ was a violent blood bath fest on XBLA. For some reason I never brought myself to play it. Despite the fact that my list of games to play is more or less turning into a 5ft long pirate’s scroll, (YEEAARGH!) I’m extremely motivated to play it now that Ska Studios has released the trailer for its sequel ‘The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile.’

Looks insane! :D



February 24, 2010

Seriously. If you are good and I mean REAAAAALLY good, now is the time to finally stop talking crap and do it! MLG (Major League Gaming) alongside with Doritos Frito-Lay have announced ‘Pro-Gaming Combine.’ This is your first chance ever to enter into a nationwide competition to become official Pro Gamers. Starting tonight at 7, tickets go on sale FOR TEAMS at for the Nashville, Tennessee location (March 26th – 28th) and individual player tickets go onsale Wednesday, Feb. 24th.

For the full list of locations and details click here for DoritosCombine or PRNewswire.

Man I want to go! Not because I think I have a chance in the world, believe me I’m no TSquared or Walshster, but I wish I could watch and be at the event!